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iPhone or any smartphone in general for that matter was the beginning of a new era altogether. It was a life-changing invention that is now responsible for the comparatively modernized world. But with the invention of smartphones, other new concepts were also born and that was jailbreaking. Tweakbox is the application that gives you access to a variety of new and interesting off-market applications. But before jumping right into what is tweakbox, let us first understand jailbreaking.

TweakBox – Introduction

Tweakbox is as it calls itself a third-party app. In the literal sense, it means that after installing this particular application you can install other third-party applications as well. These third-party apps were earlier not allowed your smartphone due to set restrictions. The main highlight of tweakbox is that it does not use the means of jailbreaking for its functioning. It’s basically just an application installer. You install this app and it will tone down the restrictions so that other apps can be downloaded. There are many such applications that are controversial and smartphones default security deny it’s accessed, for example, some video games, movie applications, etc.

More Information About Tweakbox App:

Tweakbox is much similar to the Appstore on your phone just with slight changes. As compared to the Apple store, the tweakbox scope is much wider. It constitutes a huge variety of applications that are not available on Appstore. The way of obtaining tweakbox on your phone is a little complex but it can be done. It can also run on laptops, personal computers, and iPads. For obtaining tweakbox application bunch of changes in settings on the device is needed. Plus you also require a strong browser and an internet connection.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking in simplest terms means removing the default restrictions imposed on the smartphone. In some ways, it’s like breaking the software rules and limits. It’s generally used to install unauthorized software and apps. It was first invented or created when the first iPhone was introduced in the market, which was in July 2007. If a phone is jailbroken it means that it can run software and applications that were initially not allowed the phone’s default security.

Features & functions of Tweakbox App:

Tweakbox in the present times is the preference of tech-savvy people. Normal people who are not as aware of them as others are also getting to know about it. Firstly, Tweakbox does not use Cydia to work and is a completely independent application. Secondly, it does not rely on jailbreaking either. Use of jailbreaking is still considered to be controversial and is a topic of long debate. Thirdly, it’s really easy and simple to use and install. The content is divided into subcategories and a beginner can get the hang of it pretty smoothly.

When we talk about its functions, tweakbox gets us access to the humongous amount of movie apps, media apps, screen recorders, video games, etc. It also gives us the opportunity to explore the modified versions of normal apps like Instagram++, Snap chat++, Spotify++, etc.

Tweakbox is available for Android or iOS?

Another query that frequently arises among the users is regarding the nature of this app. It is believed that tweakbox is only available for iOS phones and iPad, which is partly true. Tweakbox works best for iOS natured devices, but many people have it on their Android devices as well. But the question is, is it safe? Not sure. After doing detailed research and studying the answers of multiple people, the only conclusion we can draw is that tweakbox functioning on Android is still uncertain. iOS and Android phones are entirely different. Although they do offer the same facilities at the present time, their inner system is very different. Some shady websites do offer tweakbox for Androids, but can they be trusted?

Tweakbox For iOS:

TweakBox is the best third party app store where you can download apps for iOS devices that are not available in the official Apple app store. TweakBox App is completely free and it has tons of features that make it a very popular choice among the other third party app stores. Click on the below link to download Tweakbox for your iOS Device.

Download For iOS

Tweakbox For Android:

Tweakbox APK is the application which lets you download and install all tweaked apps in your respective device for free. The process for downloading Tweakbox APKApk for Android is very simple and easy  just click on the below link to download it.

Download For Android

Is Tweakbox safe?

Under this category, we are going to talk about two major concerns of people. First is safety regarding the phone device and secondly legality of this app.

1. Safety:

Tweakbox claims to be 100% safe. That means it does not harm your phone in any way and does not inject the virus into it. Up until now, no such report has been covered that tweakbox is not safe.  Users have always determined it as a safe and useful application.

2. Legality:

Tweakbox, although is really beneficial and popular, it is not legal. It’s safe but not legal. Of course, it’s not; you are extending the restrictions and limits of the phone installing the application. It is not allowed the protocol and thus, something that should not be done. But it is done anyway, and on a huge scale at that. It has always been a topic of questions but with the increasing popularity, nothing much can be done.

Tweakbox Alternatives: Best Similar Apps

There are many alternatives available for tweakbox. Some of them are listed below:

1. Zestia Step:

Zestia Step is quite similar to that of tweakbox and Cydia. It is comparatively easy to use and runs smoothly on the iOS version. Although it should be noted that is scope and reach is lesser than Cydia and tweakbox.

2. Emus4u:

Emus4u is another reasonable replacement for tweakbox or Cydia. This app provides access to all the off-market applications and is filled with interesting features. Just like the above-mentioned apps, this one also functions without any problem in the iOS device.

 3. Appvalley:

Although Appvalley is a great tweakbox and Cydia alternative, its reach is restricted and less. Despite the fact that you can find some great and cool modified version of your apps on this platform like a modified version of WhatsApp, YouTube, Spotify and a lot more.

Tweakbox, even though is convenience and exposes you to all kinds of entertainment can be a source of problems. After all, it becomes the main source of mobile apps and pushes the rules and guidelines. Obtaining tweakbox from shady and unprotected websites and harm your device and can be responsible for comparatively huge damage. Tweakbox is becoming popular day day and its trusted Android version will be available in the online market pretty soon. It’s better to either install it from trusted sources rather than experimenting.

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